“Jimmy’s Workshop is an entertaining ride to self awareness!”         ~Dr. Kent Cochran, LPC, CHT

“It’s obvious that Jimmy is following his passion. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in his workshop. I am in the midst of recreating my life and took several things away that will help me with my new venture.  ‘As I step that bridge is appearing‘ Thanks Jimmy. Really appreciate you!!!” ~Marc Harper, Dallas TX.

“Jimmy’s Workshop is powerful & right on target for what the world needs right now.”  ~William C. Oliver, Ph.D. President, Williams Institute. Fmr Provost, Northwood University – Dallas.

This is NOT your typical workshop. I take you on an entertaining journey through my life and the lessons I’m learning.  People have told me that at times during the workshop they forgot they were in a workshop and it felt more like a comedy house. One person referred to the event as a ‘laugh and learn’.


In the spring of 1995, I embarked upon the journey to Find MYSELF. MYSELF, I did not find; instead what I found was the SOURCE OF MY POWER – without even realizing it.

What I am learning through my own life about the absolute power of LOVE, and the beautiful role that is being played by Quantum Physics (yes, science) has the true unlimited potential to blow your mind as well as your possibilities wide open.

I  have had some amazingly fun highs as well as some scary as hell lows; and the lessons I learned are priceless. I somehow traversed my way through (sometimes masterfully and other times not so masterfully) a lot of tough experiences, and came through it all amazingly well.  Actually, I am quite amazed that I am still alive with all the silly things I have done in my life. NO regrets, just great stories to tell.

I teach through my experiential knowledge – meaning: I did it & I know I did it. I also offer insights or theories I have based upon my experiences. And most entertaining is the Quantum Physics. I will explain, in very simple language, all that is necessary to know about Quantum Physics – you definitely will want to know this information. I then put all of the pieces of the puzzle together to show you that you already possess the power to create with limitless potential. I then, walk you through how I am tapping into this limitless potential. As you can see, I am teaching from MY LIFE, not from a theory in a book.

Currently I have two workshops available:

LOVE & Quantum Physics: Jimmy’s Owner Manual – How I am tapping into the power of limitless potential to create the life of my choice.


The Un-Dateable Me: How I found the love of my life using quantum physics, when I was The Official Poster Child for The Most Un-Dateable Person on the Planet; reigning years 2008 – 2011.

You will learn:

  • The Art of Losing EVERY THING and Gaining EVERYTHING. 
  •  The Art of Letting Go.
  • The Art of Choosing Your Life.
  • The Art of Happiness.

Some of the topics we will cover may surprise you, as seen in this clip, though it all comes together in the end.  Each story helps you realize the power we each hold as well as the power behind the tools you will have in your hands when you leave the workshop.

Jimmy’s Workshop™ is adaptable to any size group. The typical workshop is about 6 hours, which includes breaks and exercises (no physical requirements necessary – these are mental and written exercises).  If you are interested in a shortened version of any of my topics presented as a speech, please check out the Jimmy Speaks section, the link can be found on the left of this page. Any of my topics can be presented as a 15-30-45+ minute inspirational talk.

I am not affiliated with any one particular group, organization, religion or any one school of thought – there will be no “call to membership”, there is no mother ship or comet that will come for us (that I know of…) and you will never be asked to “drink the Kool-aid!”

I am simply here to share my peace, my love & my experiential knowledge with the world.

To contact me for information please reply in the section below the following videos, your message will be sent directly to my email.  For more information on me, visit JIMMY’S JOURNEY, which can also be found in the side navigation bar on this page.

~ peace.

love, jimmy

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