about LOVE & qp

by Jimmy Belasco

(If you are wondering why most of my videos are shot while I am driving… it is the only time I had. At the time, I was working a job with a very long commute, I chose to use the hours wisely… this is why you are Driving with Jimmy!)

Love and Quantum Physics; two things that seem to be from opposite sides of the universe are much more connected than you think.

Though I am neither a scientist nor a science geek, I was thrilled to discover that the findings of our more recent generations of scientists, in fields such as Quantum Physics (QPh) and Neuroscience, support all of what I have been experiencing on both physical and spiritual levels. The greatest thing I have discovered from all of this science is the fact that it does not negate anything I have learned spiritually – it just explains it… and lets me know I am not completely crazy. Though I find the science part interesting, I am not here to teach the science, you can find that on your own.

I was introduced to QPh in the late 1990’s by Gary Zukov, and his books are mind opening and deep. In the past year I found a book by Greg Kuhn that explains QPh quite simply: Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Fail. I recommend the latter of these authors if you are not science-minded and wish to learn more about QPh.

Quantum Physics is a newer science that was being discovered around the end of the 1800’s, around the time of Einstein. It supersedes and changes much of we had learned from our old science – the science of people like Sir Isaac Newton. QPh is the science behind the workings of our universe.

Here are a few of the most exciting parts, to me at least, of what QPh and some additional new scientific discoveries are proving:

  1. QPh tells us that we are ONE with everything. It shows us that the observer and that which is being observed are not actually two separate things; they are simply two unique perspectives of the same thing.  It is only because we live in a place that allows us to have “perspective”, that we can perceive there is a separation.
  2. Our entire universe, everything we are able to see and not see is part of an unformed energy field called the quantum field. Within the quantum field, there are subatomic particles that have no form; they are energy of pure unrealized and limitless potential – waiting for our thoughts and expectations (beliefs) to change them into physical form. Yes, this has been proven by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman in his double slit experiment.
  3. QPh also tells us that all possibilities are present and inherent in this very moment and it all operates from our EXPECTATIONS and BELIEFS!
  4. Our thoughts, the instant we think them, become physical manifestations in our body. Dr. Candace Pert has found that when we think a thought or feel an emotion based on a thought, our hypothalamus gland pumps billions of neuropeptides into our bloodstream and these neuropeptides actually insert themselves into receptors located in the cells throughout our body. This one really excites me and I will explain more of why later.
  5. There is no scientist or science anywhere that has been able to pinpoint the portion of our brain that makes choices. In fact, there is no part within our physical body where choices are made. Our body and our brain are an elaborate and sophisticated tool that is perfect for carrying out our choices, but it is not the source of these choices. There is a non-physical part of us making these choices. The ALL of who we are is not contained in our physical bodies.

Let me point out here that I am not a scientist, nor am I a religious zealot. There will be no membership to join, no kool-aid to drink, no comet or mother ship to whisk us away in the end – well, none of which I’m aware – I will simply pass along information as I understand it.  And, other than what I share about the sciences, all of the information I will share is from my own experiences.

My intention is that something I share with you may ring true and you might try it in your life and learn from your experience.

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peace, love, Jimmy

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